In my opinion Dr. Westfall is the TOP dentist in the South Jersey area and one of the kindest individuals I know.  After my dentist of 20 years retired it would have been easy to visit someone closer to home, but I thought it only fair to give the "new guy" a chance.  After meeting with Dr. Westfall I knew I was here to stay.  He is always patient and attentive, no matter how busy his day. ~Margaret Duke

Never fear when Dr. Westfall is here. I was fearful of implants especially close to my sinuses. Dr. Westfall worked in conjunction with Dr. Kazemi (a periodontist). I never regretted my decision. Their workmanship, expertise, and mannerisms were beyond my expectations. I would recommend implants over bridges with both of these dentists, if at all possible. I would also recommend Dr. Westfall for all dental needs. He is a very kind, patient and knowledgeable dentist. ~Maria Cortese

I am a new patient of Dr. Westfall and I was so impressed on how closely he worked with the periodontist over the months during my dental implant procedure. From my initial consultation to the final placement of my crown, Dr. Westfall closely monitored and kept me informed during the entire process. My outcome could not have been better and I am now enjoying my new implant.

The care and compassion I received from Dr. Westfall and his staff made the 2 hour trips worth it and I would recommend this dentist to anyone, especially if you are thinking of or even apprehensive about having a dental implant done. ~ Sharon Beil

From past experiences, I had stayed away from the dentist office for over three years. Then, I met Dr. Westfall and was impressed and made to feel at ease enough to try going to a dentist again.

My visit to Dr. Westfall and his office was a very positive experience and I now have found a dentist I can trust and feel comfortable with. I highly recommend Dr. Westfall. ~Mike Beil

Well, I finally found some time for my third graders to write thank you notes. I think they liked doing it, too. I know that they really liked getting the toothbrushes and the toothpaste. Almost everyone loved the flavor of the toothpaste...I am pleased that they are brushing.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.
~Chris Decker

I spent several hours over a few months in Dr. Westfall's dental chair as he carefully created the big happy smile I enjoy today.

His dental knowledge and skills are awesome. He is also a kind, sensitive person I respect greatly.
~Elaine Hoganson

Just want to thank you so much for your kindness and awesome work that you have done. I honestly have never felt so comfortable with a dentist. It has been called FEAR. But you and your staff have been incredible. You do not find to many Dr's out there who really deeply care about their patients.
~Jodi Kitchin

I have had numerous dental procedures done by Dr. Westfall. The work was very involved. Dr. Westfall communicated and worked very closely with the periodontist to get the best results for me.

He cares about his thoughtful and thorough. Dr. Westfall takes time with his patients and explains procedures and always has time to answer questions.

Dr. Westfall makes going to the dentist the best experience it can possibly be.
~Maureen McAneney

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